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Vehicle Left/Right Turn Warnings

Audio & Visual Warnings

Vehicle Left/Right Turn Warnings

Audio & Visual Warnings

In 2004 accident statistics show that there were 367 collisions between HGV's and cyclists resulting in 22 fatalities, 79 seriously injured and a further 262 injured.

Cyclist casualties occurred in collision with HGV’s resulted in 22% of cyclist deaths.

Staggeringly the vast majority of these collisions occur in built-up areas, even though just 25% of HGV mileage is on built-up roads and almost one third of cyclists killed in London, die in a collision with a HGV.

Our affordable solutions can help prevent this happening to you!

Voice Warning Protection System

Our Turning Left/Right Warning system reduces these accidents and Pownall offers a spoken warning message.

The message -"Beep Beep Caution, this vehicle is turning left" is activated while the driver operates the vehicles left turn indicator, thus alerting cyclists and pedestrians to keep clear.

Part Numbers

Left Turn Audible Warning:  P3124-605

Right Turn Audible Warning: P3124-606


Audio Visual Turn Warning


Highly Visible LED Light and Voice Warning alerts nearby cyclists and pedestrians that the vehicle is turning.

  • Automatically activates when the turn indicator is operating.
  • Warning silences when turn indicator is cancelled, or the 4 way hazard lights are operating.
  • 95db Voice warning message:-
    • Beep beep - CAUTION - This vehicle is turning left.
    • Highly visible pulsating amber LEDs attract attention.
  • Rugged weatherproof construction - encapsulated with internal mylar cone speaker housed in easy mount enclosure.
  • Size:  152 x 102 x 50 mm. Clean style, looks discreet, until activated.
  • Operates on 12 or 24 volt.

Part Numbers

LEFT TURN = #P3124-608

RIGHT TURN = #P3124-609


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