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Park Brake/Handbrake Alarms

How Truck Roll Away Can Be Prevented!

Pownall Handbrake Off Warning Devices & Park Brake Alarms

The Pownall range of park brake alarms has products suitable for all types of vehicle

Warns the Driver when park brake not applied

Failure to apply the park brakes can have serious if not fatal consequences

The Pownall range alert drivers if they attempt to exit the cab without having applied the park brake. For improved safety, once activated they can only be silenced by applying the park brake.

It is a fact that drivers do sometimes "forget" to apply the park brake, especially during tractor and trailer coupling.

Pownall park brake alarms improve safety by providing distinctive audible and visual warnings that remind the driver to apply the park brake.

Versions are available with air whistle, Electronic tone sounder and Voice alert, providing a repeated speech message “Warning – Apply Park Brake”.

These cost effective products greatly improve operational safety. Versions available for most types of vehicles and operated plant.

Bin Wagon Roll Away Accident

Accidents Do Happen!

Pownall Alarms Systems provide improved protection in circumstances where the vehicle air tank pressure is too low to operate the vehicles park brake pressure switch (as used by many talking warning devices) and the driver jumps out of the cab with the park brake not applied leaving the engine running to build up air.

The EP Duo warning is available for vehicles fitted with an in-cab operated battery isolator switch such as ADR and Petroleum Regulation and aircraft refueling vehicles.

In addition to the above, activates if the battery is isolated without the park brake applied.

  • The Sentinel EP Duo is widely used on Petroleum Regulation vehicles, ADR and operated plant.
  • We have brake alarms especially for use on buses supplied as a kit including internal drivers cab door proximity sensor.

Pownall Park Brake (Handbrake) Not Applied Warnings

& Park Brake Set Backup Option

Variable Vehicle Conditions Product & Part Number
EP Duo P324-303 Tone & Voice P3124-202 Tone &  Voice P3124-206 Tone &  Voice P3124-208
Operating Voltage 24v 24v 12/24v 12/24v
Whilst the ignition is ON
Whilst the ignition is OFF
Battery isolated / Power Failure - - -
Recovery/tow auto mute facility available as optional extra
Brake Air Normal
Low Air Pressure (As Specified)
When the Cab Door is Opened
Radio Mute while door open independent of park brake x x
Audible Warning (in cab) Air Whistle Tone & Speech Tone & Speech Tone & Speech
EXTERNAL  Audible Warning. (O=Optional) O x x
All Versions - Once Activated - Apply Park Brake to Silence
Additional LED Visual Alert Recommended for NOISY Environments
VISUAL ALERT - High power LED modules - NEW.  In Cab, External or both. x x



Micro round Tri LED amber. Low profile easy mount.

Part No: P124-9002

Rectangle Tri LED amber module.

Part No: P124-9003

Tracking/Telemetry interface.

Vehicle Type Guide.

Please call for advice

Petroleum & Aviation Refuelling Bus & Coach General & Plant Tractor Unit & Plant


Future Option - Warn and Set Parking Brake

Driver exit sensors for vehicles without cab doors, or if the door is left open while operating such as on tugs and shunters.
Pressure switches and pipe fittings stocked.
Please contact our office to discuss your requirements.

Duo Auto Mute Valve

Pownall Recovery Auto Mute Valve

Duo Park Brake Alarm

Duo Park Brake Alarm

Park Brake Alarm Voice

Park Brake Alarm Voice
The unique range of Pownall products provide the greatest level of protection available in helping to prevent roll away accidents caused by failure to apply the park brake (Handbrake).


  • Audible warning: on attempt to exit if the park brake is not applied
  • Distinctive warning - avoids confusion
  • Handbrake silence: once activated can only be silenced by applying the park brake
  • Ease of fitting
  • Warning decal: reminds driver to apply park brake and instructs how to silence warning
  • All vehicles: fits all modern vehicles. Uniformity of fleet

BESPOKE Systems also available. I.e. for shunters/dock spotters - call us for details.

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